Apple Pay

by | 19th July 2015

Apple Pay has now arrived in the UK.

Will I be using it?

Apple Pay is a new system devised by Apple to pay for the purchase of good or services on-line or in store. So instead of fumbling in pockets, wallets or handbags for cash or a piece of plastic you can now make your purchase using an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch. I currently use an iPhone 5s and do not have an Apple Watch. This means I will not have the ability to make instore purchases. I will, though, be able to make on line purchases.

In the early days, not all stores, bricks or online, will be giving customers the opportunity to use Apple Pay. With all the unknowns using Apple Pay in the short term will be challenging for the customer and certainly cash and the plastic card will still need to be carried.

In answer to the question “will I use it?”. In the short term no. Longer term if my next mobile phone upgrade is an iPhone, probably yes.

If I lived in London and was regularly using the Underground I would have already upgraded so that I could have you the contactless payment system.

In conclusion Apple Pay will be come great providing all the right ingredients are in place. How quickly will the quickly will the right ingredients come together? That is a question for another day!

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