Do You Remeber “Tomorrow’s World”?

by | 02nd January 2024

Do you remember “Tomorrow’s World”?

I was just thinking about this “iconic” TV technology programme which ran from 1965 until 2003. For me, as a child growing up in the 1970s, this programme was my introduction to technology.

The list of former presenters is really interesting. The chap I remember from my childhood was former Spitfire pilot, Raymond Baxter, with his Parker pen being used to show us the intricacies of how the latest gizmo worked. Names you and I know on today’s screen were TW presenters in the 90s. Carol Vorderman, Monty Don, Sophie Raworth all did stints on the show.

Arguably the programme’s greatest legacy is something you may not remember seeing at the time…

Tomorrow’s World introduced the British public to the:

  • Home Computer… in 1967!
  • Touchscreens… in 1967
  • Digital watch… in 1972
  • Teletext… the now primitive precursor to Google in 1974
  • Mobile phone in 1979

These are all things we see all around us today and they’ve been around much longer than you may think. The thing that has changed is the power of these devices, making everything faster. The trouble is these devices can still seem bewildering. And after a while they get old, wear out and no longer work like you want.

So if your device is behaving like it first came out of the box in 1967, call us on 01984 633603 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to help you get up and running again.

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