Compatible Ink Cartridges: Should you use them?

by | 14th November 2022

Should you be using non-genuine, compatible ink cartridges? Compatible ink cartridges

There are two types of ink cartridges you can buy: genuine or compatible.

Genuine inks are sometimes called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which means that the producer of the cartridge also made the printer. These are the best inks to use for your printer.

Compatible ink (non-genuine inks) do not offer the same reliability or consistency as genuine cartridges, nor do they last as long. These ink cartridges are not made by the printer manufacturer but by a third party such as a supermarket.

With non-genuine cartridges you may find that the quality of the image will not be as sharp and fade over time. This is because third-party cartridges use generic compounds of a low quality, this can actually lead to potential clogging or damage to the printer, costing you more to fix in the long run.

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