Telephone Systems are Business Critical. Modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telephone Systems are Cost Effective, Scalable and utilise computer cabling eg CAT5 CAT6 cables.

They can utilise broadband connections for porting/diverting calls over the Internet. Commonly known as VoIP or Voice over IP. This allows you to cancel traditional services such as ISDN or Analogue line rental Reducing Costs whilst increasing flexibility.

Where Broadband speeds are not of sufficient capacity, ISDN and or Analogue lines can still be integrated effectively.

A reliable and flexible unified communications solution. Feature-rich modern telephony in the cloud. Costs grounded in financial efficiency.

How you benefit

Orbtalk’s hosted phone systems are rich in features, high on quality and low on cost of ownership.

We manage the simple switch to the Orbtalk exchange, and look after your data security and call routing. You can then build a system that meets the needs of your users and provides complete operational flexibility.

Numbers can travel with people, and call charges – even abroad – range from low to free, with calls charged by the second, not the minute. Features are extensive and sophisticated, from call forwarding, monitoring and recording to conferencing and CRM integration.

Today’s businesses move continuously between different modes of communication: phone, email, text messaging, and more. Cloud telephony supports unified communications and seamless integration between all of your different channels and the devices. It’s a phone system, but perhaps not as you know it.

A more versatile, better connected workforce

Improved operational flexibility

More integrated communications

A significant reduction in your telecommunications costs

Greater control over your call data and usage

A system that’s easier to migrate and manage

What do you get with VoIP?

  • Call forwarding, monitoring and recording
  • Call queuing, call distribution, and interactive voice recognition
  • Multiple audio conferencing
  • Unified communications option
  • Quick and easy assignment and reassignment of users
  • Complete relocation in hours, not weeks
  • Your own secure control panel online
  • Simple system administration and configuration
  • Real-time call and cost data
  • Phone numbers: single or multiple, standard and special, national and global

Under the bonnet

  • Cloud based IP telephony
  • Globally peered with tier 1 providers in every country
  • 100% availability: Global multiple Points of Presence, fully redundant, fully mirrored
  • Full Disaster Recovery failover to alternative devices and numbers
  • CLI flexibility: show any number you own
  • Number porting: reassignment of your existing phone numbers