In association with our partners, we are pleased to offer a reliable, high quality Broadband Internet service.

We can provide download speeds of up to 20 Mbs on ADSL and Satellite, and up to 80 Mbs on Fibre. Please note, the actual speed achieved will depend on the length and quality of your telephone line. We work closely with BT Openreach to ensure your connection can sustain the maximum speed and that you receive the best quality of service at all times.

Our fully qualified network engineers can install either a wireless or wired router. In the case of a wireless connection we ensure all your computers are safely connected to our network using fully encrypted links. That way your private information is protected and unauthorized access to your network is prevented.


What make us different from providers like BT, Sky, EE, PlusNet and TalkTalk?

Once you are online, we can provide comprehensive technical support. Unlike our competitors we don’t use premium-rate offshore call centres. All our support is local with calls costing no more than the local rate. Furthermore, using our “remote support service”, we can connect remotely to your computer to fix problems quickly and at reduced cost.

How much does it cost?

You can enjoy fast and reliable broadband starting from just £19.80 + VAT We set up your broadband service for an initial connection fee of £60 and can provide a high quality wireless router from £35. If required, our engineers can install all the necessary equipment and configure the broadband connection for an additional hourly fee.

When we install your broadband service we can also set-up a fully functional home or small business network. This allows several computers to share the internet connection, files or printers. In addition you can also play games between computers or connect to an XBox or Playstation.


Broadband Terms and Conditions

The majority of broadband accounts have a monthly limit on the available download capacity. This is usually between 2GB to 200GB, but your broadband package may allow for unlimited use. Please contact us for full details of your broadband package if you are unsure.

If you exceed your bandwidth availability, your connection will become rate limited to 128Kbps until the next billing period begins. Alternatively, you can purchase a top-up, whichever comes first. Please contact us for details.

Unlike most major broadband providers, we do not lock you into a lengthy 12 month contract. To terminate your broadband account or migrate to another service provider all we require is one months notice. We do apply a cease fee of £54 inc VAT on cancelled broadband accounts. 

For further information on our broadband service, please see our full Terms and Conditions.


Broadband Cancellation Procedure

Cancellation to be requested in writing together with the cancellation fee £54.00 and one further payment of the monthly fee.

Unless this procedure is carried out, broadband cannot be cancelled and you will still be liable for the monthly charge even if you are not using the service.