Remote Assistance

We offer immediate and direct on-line support with our remote assistance “Log-Me-In Rescue” service.

Call our support technicians on (01984) 633603 for a six digit PIN code.

Enter this code into the box below and press Connect.

Enter your 6-digit code:

You will be prompted to run a secure program called “Support-LogMeInRescue.exe”. Please select RUN when this appears.

This program will allow us to communicate with you and conduct remote support. The connection is safe and totally secure. You can end the session at any time and we can only re-connect with your express permission.

After the session the program automatically removes itself from your computer.

To make Remote Assistance easier and quicker in the future you can download the Log-Me-In Rescue “calling card”. This allows you to access our remote assistance service directly from your desktop.

Download the Calling Card

Please contact our support technicians and they will show you how to install and use the calling card to request remote support.

Please note, the cost of a remote session will depend on how long our technicians are actively working on your computer. A minimum service charge of £30.00 will apply to each session and will cover the first 30 minutes labour.