Repairs, Upgrades and Maintenance

We provide an extensive repair and upgrade service for home and business users

All kinds of computers, software and peripheral devices are catered for. We obtain all replacement components from the UK’s leading retail outlets. You get the most reliable products at the best prices and with a full manufacturers warranty.

Repairs and upgrades usually need to be carried out in our fully equipped workshop. However, in some cases we can carry out the work on-site in your home or office. When you contact us we advise you on the best location and discuss pickup and transport of you equipment if required.

We can also return your equipment to your home or place of business after we have finished the job. Our technicians can configure and install it and make sure it works with your other devices.

Hardware Repairs:

Our system diagnostics can isolate problems with hardware on desktop and laptop computers. In addition, we can trouble shoot intermittent problems such as a failing hard disc and help prevent a complete system failure.

Please note: We will need the power supply for your laptop before we can carry out diagnostic or repair work.

We also service and repair of a full range of computer peripherals such as printers, scanners and monitors. After our technicians have isolated the problem we will talk with you about the projected cost of the repair and make sure you receive the most cost-effective solution.

We can usually source replacement components and repair in house. However, it is sometime necessary to return your equipment to the manufacturer. We can arrange safe packaging and shipping of your equipment and also advise on warranty claims if applicable.


Hardware Upgrades:

We can upgrade your computer to provide you with benefits such as increased speed or more storage space for pictures and music. For example, you may need more memory (RAM) to run more powerful software or the latest games. Additional components can also be added inside the machine. A wireless network card (WiFi) or Bluetooth adaptor could allow you to connect to a home media centre or mobile phone without the need for extra wires.

Don’t forget your external devices and equipment. Enjoy the benefits of bigger monitor or a wireless mouse and keyboard. We make sure all the necessary software is installed on your computer and the new equipment is configured to work with the rest of your system.

You may not know exactly what you need to achieve your goals – don’t worry! Contact us and we can generate a profile of your system and suggest a range of options that allow you to do more with your existing equipment.

Software Repairs:

We can perform a full Windows system repair and solve a variety of driver issues. In some cases we may need to completely re-install the Windows operating system along with all available service packs and a full Windows up-date. If this is the case, we will advise you on options for data transfer and back-up and re-installation of third party software.

We can also re-install and configure a full range of corrupt software such as Microsoft Office. To do this, we need the original installation disks and/or the product activation key. Contact us and we can advise you on what we need and where the necessary information can be found.


Software Upgrades:

Manufacturers constantly improve and add new features to their software, releasing new versions when appropriate. We can upgrade your current software to the latest version and make sure that all your old files are still accessible.



Please note, charges for computer repairs or upgrades will depend on how long our technicians are actively working on your computer. A minimum service charge of 16.67 + VAT will apply to each computer and will cover the first 15 minutes of labour.