Mobile Phone and Tablet Repairs

Cracked Screen? Battery needs Replacing? Not working as you had hoped?

We fix all makes and models of mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet & iPod.

We are quick, efficient and affordable and are always on hand to offer a free quotation.

We offer a complete service: Screens, Water Damage, Button Repair or even full diagnostics. We will do our best to fix your device’s problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our system diagnostics can isolate problems with hardware. We can perform full iOS and Android Flashes, repairing most software faults.


How successful is it?

Very! Take a look at the following case study:

A customer brought an iPhone in that had been ran over by a car. The phone would no longer power up and it was in a horrific state

With our iPhone repair specialists they were able to resurrect the phone, saving all that valuable data.