Oops! Deleted an Important Email? Here’s How to Recover It

by | 11th July 2023

We’ve all had those instances when we’re decluttering our inbox and inadvertently, an important email gets deleted. Is it irretrievably lost, or is there a way to retrieve it? Prepare your tools, as we delve into the quest for retrieving lost emails.


Phase 1: Recycle Bin Recovery

When an email is sent to the trash bin, it doesn’t immediately disappear. It’s more akin to being in a holding pattern, waiting to see if you’ll reconsider. The first step is to check your email’s Trash or Deleted Items folder. If the email is there, right-click on it and select the option to restore it back to your inbox. And just like that, your important email is back!


Phase 2: Utilising Available Restoration Features

If your email has been “permanently” deleted, don’t despair yet! Some email services, such as Gmail, offer a hidden feature – a restoration function. Within a certain timeframe, you can contact their support and request assistance in retrieving your deleted email. While there isn’t a guarantee, sometimes they can recover the email.


Phase 3: Company Email Server Backup

For those using company email addresses, there’s potentially another option. Often, company email servers have backup systems that store deleted emails. Consult with your IT support and see if they can retrieve the email from the backup.


Important Note – The Boundaries of Recovery

Despite our best efforts, it’s important to recognise that sometimes an email, once deleted, may indeed be irrecoverable. The key is to exercise caution when deleting emails and be ready to act swiftly if an important email is mistakenly discarded.


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