Preserving your Precious Memories in the Digital Age

by | 09th January 2024

On the recent Sunday, I took my 90-year-old Dad out for lunch with my brother and my partner, Carol. The weather was grand, and the food was just how a Sunday lunch should be. A giant Yorkshire pudding, plenty of veggies, gravy, etc.

These days, we always take a photo or two when we meet up—for the memory. My brother took a snap of his pudding, not really my thing, but hey, each to their own.

Up until nearly 20 years ago, I used to take pictures on 35mm film and send the film off for developing. (As an aside, I remember film development costing about four pounds in the 1970s—quite a lot of money then.) Due to the cost, I used to be less snap-happy than I am today.

The difference, of course, is digitalisation.

You don’t have to take your film to the chemist’s to be developed. You can see the picture you’ve taken in an instant. Then they disappear into the vault on your phone and, in my case, are automatically backed up on the “Cloud.”

I very rarely print them out, normally only as a present for a birthday or Christmas. The days of sticking photos in an album are long gone, and slide shows with those little cardboard-framed transparencies are, in my life at least, a thing parked well in the past.

Of course, those memories are no less precious, wherever they are stored. And it must be a crushing blow when they are lost. Thankfully, this has never happened to me.

To avoid this happening to you, please make sure you back up your photos so you can keep looking at them every now and then. And if it’s a really, really special one, print it off.

If you need any help backing up your photos, please us contact on 01984 633603 or email us on [email protected] and we’ll help you ensure your cherished memories stay safe for you.

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