This Year In Tech: 2022 Trends

by | 22nd March 2022

“As we embark on 2022, let us remember that even in the face of great challenges, humanity can achieve profoundly good things. And we will.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted this back on 1st January 2022. 

In the face of Covid-19, the climate emergency and now the conflict in Ukraine, Cook’s nod to great challenges seems more apparent than at perhaps any other moment in recent human history. However, he rightfully acknowledges that – partly due to innovations in tech – we can still move forward. 

So what are the tech trends we can expect be at forefront of this progression this year? We’ve identified four key areas:


Virtual Reality 

The metaverse is a network of 3D virtual experiences that focuses on social connection and providing a whole new level of immersion in tech.

Goldman Sachs predicted in January that the Metaverse could be an $8 Trillion opportunity. Morgan Stanley made a similar claim. So with the goliaths of the finance World backing the upcoming prominence of VR, how will it affect the day-to-day lives of the average Joe in the UK? 

Well, unless you’re working at a handful of companies that are using software such as Horizon Workrooms, it will probably be limited to your free time if at all. Meta – formerly Facebook – are currently dominating the market share when it comes to VR headsets. The price of their Oculus Quest 2 VR Gaming Headset has held its ground at £299.00 in the UK since launch. 

It’s the next level of immersion when it comes to both gaming and social; a whole-body experience that allows you to move and immerse yourself in another world, all without the use of a TV or console. With many of the social apps such as Horizons Worlds still not available in the UK, it will still be some months at the time of writing before VR truly impacts mainstream culture. Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of time. 


Computing Power

Computing power shows no sign of lagging as we progress through 2022. With major cloud infrastructure innovation in recent years, many businesses are moving to the cloud.

We are also seeing a push towards faster networks. 5G is now available at scale with 6G set to arrive in the not too distant future. Computing power isn’t limited to PCs, with technology such as cars and kitchen appliances all progressing as a result of innovation. 


Smarter Devices

Innovation in computer power is enabling us to create smart devices that are becoming ever more intertwined with our day to day lives. From Sky Glass TVs to autonomous cars, we’re seeing devices with cleaner designs, more power and seamless integration into our routines.

We’re seeing continued momentum for this smart device explosion, including the introduction of intelligent home robots.


Cyber Security

Cyberthreats are growing at an unprecedented pace. Organizations can’t simply sit back and flick on the switch and come back to it later. Hackers are now sophisticated and form parts of sophisticated organisations. This has led to the rise of the term “hacking as a service,” delivered with dedicated teams, rate cards and support teams. There is serious money in this underground world and a lot of clients out there are ready to sure up their defences by any means necessary.

Organizations need to get comfortable with cyber risks in the same way they discuss market risks. This may include more active involvement in the validation and monitoring of the effectiveness of the security tools they deploy.



Closing Thought

We’re proud to offer computing services that keep up with the fast-paced landscape of today. It will be fascinating to witness how tech will help us navigate virtually every aspect of our lives in the months and years ahead. 

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