WiFi Connection Keeps Cutting Out? Lets Fix It!

by | 24th July 2023

It can be most irritating when you are searching online with a WiFi connection that keeps cutting out. In this blog, lets explain the various fixes to an unstable Wi-Fi connection.


Actions to help boost Wi-Fi performance

Wi-Fi signals need to traverse various barriers such as walls, furniture, and other hindrances to reach your devices. These obstacles can cause the signal strength may waver. The likelihood of signal dropout increases with the distance and number of obstacles between your device and the Wi-Fi router. A feasible solution to this predicament is to reposition your router. Placing it in a central, elevated location away from other electronic devices will help to boost the Wi-Fi’s strength and performance.


Congested Frequencies

Interference from your neighbours’ Wi-Fi can also be a contributing factor, for example – your neighbours’ routers operate on the same frequency, your devices may struggle to connect to your specific router. Modifying your router settings to alter its channel or switch to a 5 GHz band could alleviate this interference, leading to a more harmonious digital environment.


Impact of Weather

Heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and even solar flares can impede your connectivity. While weather conditions are beyond our control, being aware of their potential impact may provide some solace during periods of intermittent connectivity. It might be wise to keep an alternate form of entertainment at hand for times when inclement weather disrupts your online plans.


The Rejuvenating Effects of Rebooting

Your modem and router tirelessly facilitate your digital activities. Occasionally, they may require a brief respite to regain optimal performance. Unplugging them for a few minutes and then reconnecting them often yields substantial improvements.


The Role of Your Internet Service Provider

Sometimes, the root of the problem resides not within our residences, but with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) itself. Scheduled maintenance, network congestion, or issues with the external cables can all result in unstable connectivity. Reaching out to your ISP can often help resolve such issues, much like calling upon a team of experts for assistance.


The State of Your Personal Devices

Lastly, let’s not overlook the possible role of your device in these scenarios. Your computer, tablet, or smartphone might have its own set of issues. Outdated network drivers or a need for a software update could be the cause of these connectivity problems. Keeping your device updated and periodically restarting it can often rectify these issues.


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